Research & Development Facilities
State-of-the-art research/ test platform in China’s tire industry

In October 2010

it was identified as national-level lab.

Product R&D
  • Finite element analysis technology

  • More than 560 products

  • More than 120 patterns

Super-wide tires with 50 aspect ratio for European market, ST light truck tires beyond the reach of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations by USA and anti-overload tires for overload market in China have been developed by using the advanced finite element analysis (FEA) technology for tires in China and technical softwares like ATUO CAD、UG、ABAQUS. Up to now, over 120 patterns and 560 kinds of products have been developed, with an average of 3 new products appearing in the market every month, consolidating the company’s industry-leading position in new product innovations.
Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and technical innovation is the primary impetus. Laying emphasis on intellectual property protection, Wanda Boto has applied for or obtained over 60 patents in total up to now.
An equipment for safe and fast change of tire mold sidewall letters
Rotary type tire mold sidewall equipment
WH15 design patent certificate
A tire mold with flash groove
BT122 design patent certificate
BT125 design patent certificate
BT157 design patent certificate
BT219 design patent certificate
BT398N design patent certificate
WH18 design patent certificate
WH157 design patent certificate
WV11 design patent certificate
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