Dongying Customs Investigated Wanda Boto Tire

On 15th of February, the deputy chief liu Yonghua of Dongying customs office and other customs officers investigated Wanda Boto Tire.

Vice Chairman of Wanda Group, Chairman of Wanda Rubber Group Mr. Shang Jianli, Chairman of Wanda Marketing Company Mr. Zhang Xueshan, General Manager of All-steel Business Division Mr. Gou Zengliang, General Manager of Semi-steel Business Division Mr. Li Gang and etc., attend the investigate conference. 

Mr. Liu Yonghua was transferred from Weifang customs to Dongying customs this year.The investigation was conducted by tire companies in Dongying, the first stop of the investigation is Wanda Boto.

Meanwhile, the investigators watched the advertising video of Wanda Group and Wanda Boto Tire, Mr. Zhang Xueshan introduced the enterprise scale, production strength, market advantages, operating conditions and so on.

Mr. Shang Jianli communicated with the customs officers on the current situation of tire industry and the next development plan of enterprise, and consulted on the export policies of enterprises.

After the investigation conference, Mr. Liu Yonghua and other officers visited the Semi- steel tire production workshop, the advanced production equipment, perfect management system and clean workshop environment, got high evaluation.

It is understood that the current tire manufacturing raw material prices rising gradually, the business is bound to cause certain effect, but it also prompted tire industry close down backward production facilities, to purify the environment of the industry.

Mr. Liu Yonghua hopes that the company will be able to withstand market pressure, constantly reform and innovate, strictly control the quality of products, and continue to maintain good market reputation.

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