Build company culture, boost green developmen

Cultural construction is a very important part of every enterprise. Good company culture is an important factor to promote the healthy development of enterprises, as well as an important part of outstanding enterprises. The essence of company culture is to inspire people with good will, agglomerate people with spirit,encourage people with mechanism, and cultivate people with environment.To improve the working environment of staff, create a more comfortable atmosphere, and promote cleaner production and green production, the company organized various departments to carry out company culture construction activities.The staff of every department actively offered advice and suggestions, used their brains, and made use of a variety of materials around to create unique handicrafts.

PCR building workshop build a rest booth with board, not only very pleasing to eyes, but also allows workers to take a little rest after hard work.At the same time, they also design a publicity board to show the outstanding talent in the evaluation,encouraging other workers to learn from them and mobilizing the enthusiasm of all staff.

PCR preparation workshop design sunflowers with waste tires. The sunflowers not only with a lovely image, but also implies flourishing achievements of BOTO tyre. The preparation workshop embellish one side of the passageway with pots and crafts, giving visitors a strong cultural atmosphere and vitality when they enter the workshop, leaving customers a deep impression.

The storage department of marketing company design a robot with waste tires and steel frames. After assembling and painting, the waste spare parts transform into a vivid and lovely robot, which makes the workshop environment funny and brings joy to the stuff, as well as allows workers feel the deep cultural atmosphere in the spare time.

There are so many decorations in PCR plant, such as the frog in mixing workshop, the Olympic rings and bicycles in curing workshop, the clock in building workshop, the green radish in QC department, which provides a touch of green and makes the boring machinery workshop life full of vitality.

 At the same time,TBR plant staff also actively use their brains and made full use of the material around to create  different works.

TBR Security Department paint 2 Chinese paintings on the wall of OTR workshop, hoping the staff learn the perseverance, honest and straightforward spirit of pine.

TBR plant I curing workshop builds a lounge with waste tires and boards; the building workshop built a cafe with wire reels and steel pipes, providing the stuff a place to rest and discuss about the work.The maintenance workshop assemble a video wall by various spare parts.When pressing the switch on, a series of equipment begin to run up, a variety of digital lights alternately flashing, leaving the stuff exposed to the machine world.

TBR plant II post the staff family portraits, inspirational words, works of children's, place the honor certificate trophies and all kinds of handicrafts, which makes the small corner became a family-like warm place.

Cultural walls, president quotations, aircraft rocket models, and many other handicrafts, each is very innovative, and fully integrated with the workshop environment. No matter seen from which point of view, company culture has become an inseparable part of the workshop.

The essence of enterprise management is not only to strengthen the control of personnel, but also to focus on the cultivation of staff, which makes workers fully recognized the enterprise in the heart, stay in the enterprise willingly, and devote to the enterprise’s development sincerely.Strengthening the building of company culture, creating a better working environment, and concerning about the practical interests of workers have become a key work of the company. The company will continue to build company culture and improve working environment from many aspects, making the stuff find a sense of belonging in the enterprise, regard working as their own responsibility, and contribute their strength to the development of enterprise. 








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