After-sales service

All tires produced by our company and sold in the domestic market if have a quality problem, the user shall send the quality tire to the primary distributor. The claims staff will visit the agent of the responsible area in accordance with customer visit plan made per month and carry out the appraisal and treatment of claims according to the "Wanda Rubber Group claims service standard".

After verification, if it is the tire manufacturing quality problem and within the company claims scope, claims can be accepted. The claims staff record number (DOT), pattern, specifications and the remaining depth, etc., and indicate the cause of the failure and the result of the treatment. After verification, type into the ERP system and sent it to the distributors

In the initial inspection process, the problem caused by improper use or the tires not within claiming scope shall be issued with detailed non-claim reports. In the process of verification, for the "zero kilometer quality tires", the claim staff must mark symptom on both sides of the tire. For the tires claim staff cannot identify or dispute the tires on site, mark "return to the factory" on both sides of the tire. After tires return to the company, technical department, quality management department and after-sales service department will jointly identify and issue the appraisal report

The tires that have been initially inspected within claim scope shall be returned to the company all at once, and reinspected by the technical department and issue re-inspection report. After the re-inspection, no compensation for the abnormal return, missing return, double number, counterfeit and other abnormal conditions, The distributor shall be responsible for all the expenses incurred for those abnormal conditions.

Cross-regional claims cannot accepted, if in special circumstances, need to cross-region claims are needed, distributors shall inform our company in advance. Claims of tires sold by "big customers" department shall be settled by the nearest service station and shall not be allowed to handled by the distributors.

Special statement: Company shall severely punish the customers who have false claims or raise claims for export-oriented tires sold at home; In addition of unacceptable claim, ten times value of the tire will be fined or distributors qualification will be cancelled, until the legal liability is pursued.

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